Welcome to Italy…

Here you are, newly arrived in Italy, or in the midst of preparing your move. Either way, congratulations first off for your choice and welcome to one of the most beautiful places in the world! The wonderful Italian lifestyle is known all over the world for good reasons.

But making yourself at home in a new country can sometimes be a challenging experience too. You might feel overwhelmed with managing the day-to-day, like dealing with the local healthcare system. Or you might have a few questions you’d rather not raise with the HR department or your relocation service. You left your friends and perhaps even your profession behind, and local networks need to be built from scratch. Coming from a different cultural background, you might also find it difficult to adapt and make a new life, especially if you don’t yet speak the language. You might feel frustrated in your new role too and are not yet sure, what to do during your stay.

The good news is that you are not alone with these challenges. We know exactly what you are going through: 

guidexpat. is by your side, offering a variety of individual services to get you settled smoothly into your Italian life according your and your family’s specific needs. 

Get settled
Support settling into your daily Italian life based on your (family’s) individual needs and questions.

Become a local 
Practical & individual introduction to Italian lifestyle & culture.

Get connected
Provide opportunities to meet interesting people to begin building your own network.

Feel empowered
Identify core motivations and follow your personal and professional goals while in transition.

We are happy to learn more about you and your personal story. 

Write to isabell@guidexpat.com or call +39 338 22 100 40.