German by birth, I have always been part of international communities and enjoyed a global life. My professional mindset was formed by an educational background in business administration and 20 years of experience as a business consultant with global retailers and fashion brands in an international environment in different continents.

From Germany, due to professional reasons and personal friendships, I created strong connections with international networks in Emilia Romagna (such as Bologna, Modena, Parma) and Lombardy (Milan, Brescia) as well as with expatriate families from all over the world. This provided me with an opportunity to learn much about the difficulties and potential pitfalls expats and their families face when settling into Italian life.

I learnt a lot about the social upheavals and professional disruptions that come with moving together with the family to another country; along with the emotional and stressful experiences.
Most of the expatriates told me they felt left alone and were missing more emotional forms of support, beyond the logistics of physical relocation and basic practicalities like getting residence. They did not know whom to ask sensitive questions or raise delicate issues which you not might share with relocation services or the HR department.

All this inspired me to found guidexpat.

The mission of guidexpat. is to support expatriates and their families in settling into their new life in Italy. I help to make the transition a smooth one and support newcomers feel at home instantly by immersing them in the culture that surrounds them. To do so, I created an individual and practical approach to support, built around your unique needs and timelines.

I am an empathetic connector and my true passion is to bring people together – to help them grow, to grow together, to grow new communities. I am happy to share my experience and my extensive social and professional network with you. I am curious to listen to your personal story and look forward to meeting you soon.