Get connected

So you’ve settled in to your new environment and know enough about local customs to get by. But sometimes you miss family, friends, and your social circle from ‘back home’ because you haven’t yet built new networks and relationships?

Forging new friendships, relations, and a network from scratch is challenging and sometimes frustrating work. And not yet knowing anyone makes it difficult to know where to begin. Perhaps you have no idea how to approach the right people, or where to find those with a similar mindset to yours? Or you’re a little reluctant to make the first step because of the language barrier?

Whether your aim is to socialize for an aperitif, to meet international people on a regular basis, to get to know locals, or to be professionally inspired, guidexpat. can get you connected.

Thanks to our extensive network, we can put you in touch with people who share your interests by providing access to:

– Socializing opportunities and activities
– Inspiring networks 
– Networking events
– Local activities
– Professional networking programs, events or trainings
– Business groups
Contact us to tell us more about you and your needs. We’d love to help you build a local personal and professional network for a more enjoyable and productive life in Italy.