„Isabell has a great ability to put herself in other people’s shoes, listen to their needs and come up with practical and tailor-made solutions and ideas for every situation. She is one of the most resourceful people I know, always keen on sharing information and connections in the most proactive way. So many times I have found myself turning to her help, knowing that there will always be a constructive and rapid response. I am so grateful for her support!“
Sofia Angidou from Greece

„Isabell was an incredible connection for me when I had just moved to Modena. She introduced me to new friends and helped refer me to a job which has now become a long-term career. She is a networker by nature and continues to think of me and how she can help me progress in the direction I want to go here in my new life in Modena!“
Caroline Caporossi from USA

„After two years abroad, it became very clear to me that I don’t want to return back to the same job situation in my home country. I had many ideas, but mostly I knew that somehow I would need a change. The ‚feel empowered‘ coaching with Isabell gave me the perfect support to structure my ideas and thoughts, to see what really fits my values and what realistic options I have. I am glad that it has finally become concrete!“
Sabine Friedrich from Germany

„Isabell coached me after my move to Verona. As an expatriate’s wife, I had to settle personally and in business without speaking Italian. She helped me find mother & child courses to get in contact with locals. And for my professional life, she connected me to professors from different universities here – I was giving lectures and talking about joint research projects within a year. Isabell always has an open ear and a very positive attitude. Her strengths are her interest in people, her network and her creativity.“
Prof. Dr. Nele Graf from Germany

„I thought we were well informed when we landed in Italy. I thought we could find our way around easily – after all, we are in Europe! It’s not that simple. Above all, the question of medical care presented us with challenges. We had a medical emergency with one of our children – a stressful situation for all parents. Fortunately Isabell was there. Immediately she became active (it was evening), gave us the best addresses for treatment, named the best doctors in the field and offered us translation help. It is not only her open and appreciating personality but also her large network that makes her and her service so valuable.  Through Isabell we found a great piano teacher, sports clubs, small secret restaurants, a lawyer and a safe haven in our new home. Now we are taking the next steps – exploring my professional opportunities in Italy. She already has some ideas…..“
Dr. Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau (German-French family)

„Living as an expat can be very intimidating, especially if you have never visited the country or spoken its language.  I was fortunate to meet Isabell through a group of other international women, and she definitely is a very special woman, both personally and professionally.  She is easy to approach and converse with.  She also has a large network of people she can reach out to if she does not have the answer immediately.  My experience in Italy would definitely not have been as positive as it was, without a strong support network, which Isabell was a key part of.  It ranged from finding the right connection for a pilates class, where a good doctor was for my children or even a great restaurant.  I highly recommend Isabell as a critical resource in making any type of international newcomer welcome.“ 
Jennifer Trovato from USA