Feel empowered

Do you feel you left your previous life and your own career behind when you followed your partner to Italy? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with your new role, or stuck with your new situation here? Do you have a bunch of ideas floating around but no idea where to begin?

You are not alone. Questions many expat partners grapple which include:

– Continue with your existing career path but not sure, how to do it best in Italy?
– Looking for new and different career challenges, but not enough clarity on what to do?
– Looking for concrete ideas to build up a portable business appropriate to your nomadic lifestyle? 
– Re-start your career with a professional development or training course?
– Looking for personal development, dedicating yourself to a hobby or engaging in charity work?

Not to worry if you don’t yet know exactly what to do during your stay here. The ‘feel empowered’ programme can help you regain control of your situation by actively shaping your personal and professional path.

This programme helps you to identify your core values, the main drivers and most powerful triggers for your motivation. Aligned with these values, we work with you to define your personal and professional goals. Breaking the goals into concrete actions makes it much easier for you to keep track of your progress and to achieve your goals. And taking back control by making deliberate decisions for yourself empowers you. 

Why not use your time in Italy as an amazing opportunity to invest in further developing your personal and professional identity?
Contact guidexpat. to find out more about the ‘feel empowered’ programme. We look forward to helping you find YOUR individual way to personal and professional fulfillment.