Become a local

Have you already found your favourite morning coffee bar, where they know you by name and know how you like your coffee?
Congratulations, you’ve mastered the first step on your journey to becoming a local!

Are other Italian habits and practices still a bit of a mystery to you? Perhaps you don’t quite understand why Italians don’t drink cappuccino after noon and certainly never after a meal? Or you don’t yet have a sense for why ‘non fare brutta figura’ is so important here? Italian culture is full of fascinating particularities to explore. Learning about the dos and don’ts makes it much easier for you to go along with local customs, and to feel more integrated in your new country or town as a result. 

guidexpat. offers a hands-on seminar that provides a treasure trove of fascinating facts and sheds light on the lesser-known quirks of Italian culture. We help you get the ‘big Italian picture’ by approaching key areas of local knowledge in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. Along the way, we share useful know-how about Italy and the hidden gems of the region you live in, practical tips and advice, and many fun anecdotes. You will also learn the most important Italian expressions and gestures that make daily life in Italy easier. 

The 3-hour seminar can be organized for individuals as well as for groups, get in touch to learn more about the contents. We look forward to meeting you and helping you become a true local in this wonderful country.